Until I discovered RS, I'd never heard of RS gold "tinderbox". I didn't know ( and I was surprised to later discover like you!) that iron was an unstable resource and just like ingame could fail at times. The same with me..about steel...RS was the very first MMORPG I played. I gained many things from RS. I now know everything about the "rofl" and "lol" and "noobsthat you all talk about.

Other thoughts: I believe it has also taught me that some of your frist acquaintances you make will become your life long friends even after. Sadly some of my classmates from RS have passed away. But, I keep in touch with two of them every day through Skype. Don't make the same mistake I did and leave high school without talking to your classmates again. I guarantee you that you'll feel a lot better when you are back in contact with your Facebook friends.

While I'm sure that somebody else has said it, it's an opportunity to buy OSRS gold remind ourselves that life is about routine. When you work, you are required to perform the same task every day, every day, haha. My work level is 75. It is possible that you are interested. You're just jelly!