Bring 1k broads, you'll just need 500-700. Switch the helm from veracs or neitiznot. Legs are either prossy or verac. Boots to either rune or dragon. Now as far as strategy is concerned, trapping 180's either on the 360's or the 45's is one of the top priorities.

The other one has been killing the 90's. 360's and 45's are supposed to be the last ones. Do your best to stop the 22's as quick as possible cause they draw out prayer. The most difficult waves are 53-60 and that's when the 360/180/90 trio is out. It is important to locate the 90, then go behind it, take it down, and run around the 360 or to either the dragon or the ice rock, and then trap the 180 , while also killing the 360.

If you're at the jad, you can brew/sup your way to full stats, as well as a range pot, and start a range prayer. If he strikes you then your first goal is to know which attack he's doing next, and be sure to only brew/sup/range prayer switches. If it's the healers, make sure you're praying eagle eye/steel skin and either tank them or kill them one-by-one. The latter is easier as far as time wise but it is also more dangerous. Have fun.

To get the best stats, I'd suggest 85 Strength and Attack, and 80 Defence. It's possible to go with lower numbers, but it's inefficient to have slow kills/not numerous kills over the course of a game. It would be nice to have Eadgars Ruse completed, simply because it's the fastest way to get to GWD. I'd also recommend that you have the required Summoning Level to have at least a War Tortoise. This would be useful for the purpose of storing items.