Things are non stackable, and might be tradeable, however, the question is, could they be sold on the G.E? Well we will go over the Ge in another chapter. Extras- will someone setting fire out in varrock or close to your campsite, make a forest fire? Can a bad firemaker or poor cook cause fires? Can dudes with OSRS gold buckets be able to pour water onto it?

Can the fact that you just lost like 5k in supplies only then affect the economy? Darn right it would, and possibly being a bad firemaker could land you with a skull, 4r50nist! (from scratch)! I do not rly mean from scratch, I mean starting with matters at the beginning of G.E trade. The gamers on survival worlds, can help shape, or help topple the isolated worlds market.

Folks could say:"oh this sold so fast, I bet some dude from survival worlds brought it." They'd prolly be right. This world would become an entire country, with everything someone does affecting something else items exclusive to PvP worlds, like tent poles and benches, wouuld go on the Ge. Authentic Bounty Hunting- a concept from blackxp...

You cant of course place one in any respect. Otherwise the best leveled character could never put foot in a PvP world. You should have been killed by that Runescape 2007 gold player, and you need to set the bounty on his head until you exit the death display. Second, just how much? Well this is obviously due to RWT, and based on your commerce limitation. You take the lower maximum trade limit between the characters. If you're both max quest points then around 60k if I believe right.