There are some special offers for the new launch, including bonuses for those who download and install the game on the PURPLE platform, and Lineage 2M Diamonds then play on a PC. A platform called PURPLE which lets mobile games be played on PC with ease and allows cross-play for certain games. Players from MMORPGs still have an extensive presence on PC which is why it's an intelligent move..

The move to bring this Lineage II franchise to mobile isn't just the first MMORPG franchise to make the transition, with games like Ragnarok Origins being their sequels to Lineage II, featuring improved graphics and other features to enable modern gaming. The game is expected to launch this year as well. But Lineage2M does stand out by the ability to support such massive battles.

To commemorate the launch this year, there will be a series of events designed to help the clans and players level up and get ready for battles that will be epic. The clan-specific event, A Blood-sworn pledge, begins this morning and runs until December 14th. Clans can earn rankings and substantial rewards. Another new event, Road to level 40 also starts today. It is designed to encourage players to increase their level and start preparing their classes properly for the various battles that lie ahead. There are also other events designed to get you started too.

With stunningly beautiful graphics and a fast-paced game, Lineage2M is high on everyone's list of most anticipated mobile games to come out before the end Lineage 2M Diamonds for sale this year. The anticipated Lineage title is expected to be released for PC and mobile devices on the 2nd of December and, with the release date so near and the first predownload just one week away Below are a few reasons to be looking forward to trying NCSOFT's new MMORPG that is awe-inspir.