Invoking the seals can have a special effect if you invoke the seals in conjunction with RuneScape gold. Imp Invoking will give you a Rusty Imp Dagger. This grants you -10 strength but no other stats. But, if your attack targets a pick-pocketable foe the damage you inflict is determined by the number of times you steal from them without being taken in. If you attack an opponent whose ability to steal is not enough, you will only fight them.

The hidden bonus of +5 to theft is given by this dagger. If you attack an opponent with the dagger, and then commit 35 thieves are able to take their money. The seal will be destroyed after you've obtained the item and killed Zamorak. If Azzanadra's Seal is available an imp could grant you a new seal in the event that the dagger is lost.

Lesser Demon invoking will give you black sword fragments. More Demon activating will provide red sword chunks. K'ril Tutsaroth: Invoking will provide you with demonic blade plans as well as an hilt of the sword. The Demon Butler (it's item name is called Alathazdrar's Seal however, the information on the item's examine says it's the demon butler's) ~ invoking will teleport you to Sergeant Damien. Invoking once more will grant 200 curry bowls.

Sergeant Damien Invoking the command will grant the wearer camo gloves, camo boots as well as dog-tags (these are not random and are not part of a costume, so are unable to be kept in a room for costumes). The Demonic Blade ~ after you get the pieces and plans from the seals, head to an anvil and bring 80 smithing, a mithril rod and the pieces, plans, and, of course an Hammer. It is possible to build the demonic sword using the pieces from the anvil.

The blade shares the stats as a dragon's 2-h however it is able to deal 250-500 damage against demons (and Zamorak). It also has a very high accuracy rating, and has the capability to deal 50 poison damage at a half rate of p+. There's no guarantee that the poison will not be inflicted. Although poison cannot guarantee that it will affect other creatures, it will cause 10 damage. It can stun demons, and has the same special attack as D 2-H. This sword requires 70 strength to handle, but has no attack. Although it isn't fast, against demons, this is an effective weapon to cheap OSRS gold train with.