With another fiercely competitive NFL action week in the book, Madden 22 Roster Update also continued to adjust player ratings. The ratings of many players have also been revealed one after another, and every player wants their favorite players to get high ratings. If they want to add powerful cards to the team, they need to prepare enough MUT Coins.

Dalvin Cook upgraded his rating on Week 14. Although some aspects of Madden 22 have changed during the holidays, the most notable is the postponement of the best team of the week in Ultimate Team, but the roster update will not take place anywhere. The NFL will not stop, so EA will not stop adjusting their in-game ratings for Madden 22 every week. And players will not stop buying MUT 22 Coins for their game development.

They are now back to their best in the regular season. There is a trailer before the full announcement, and it looks like Dalvin Cook is going to upgrade. Since its release, players have been able to see some slight changes in his rating, because it has slightly improved Dalvin Cook in Deep Route Running, Stiff Arm and Spin Move throughout the season. His overall rating is 96, which is a one-point improvement. If players want to get him, they can prepare some MUT Coins Madden 22.

However, changing his overall rating will never be enough, but this week’s adjustments to his Carrying, Awareness, and Ball Carrier Vision will do just that. After missing Week 13 because of a shoulder injury, Cook returned to the lineup against Pittsburgh at Week 14, contributing 205 yards and 2 touchdowns to his best game of the year. His other statistics have also gained some improvement. He may be helpful to the players’ team, but only if the players have Buy MUT Coins Madden 22 for this.