World 48 Burthorpe Bank is the best place to OSRS gold find Divine Locations at the hour of 0:00 UTC. To check the current time, hold alt to launch the developer's console. After that, type whatever. World 2 Burthorpe Bank is the most suitable alternative to World 48.

If you're unable to make it to the daily reset, it is worth going to World 134 DG Bank at xx.45 to see whether sinkholes have been closed. The divine locations in World 48 are almost exclusively yews, but there are also box traps. World 2 has everything else.

You can gather most of the divine locations at a rate 1 resource per 1.2 seconds. Magic logs as well as Rune rocks are the only exceptions I can think of off the top of my head. Magic tree is Addy rock, Runerock, Herb patches 2, and 3 are amazing places to earn money. You don't have 6 rune ore to make a Rune rock.

Yews provide the most XP. You can earn up to 43750 credits for woodcutting every day by using them. This amount is boostable through Lumberjack Wisdom and Clan Avatars and Bonus XP. The average rate of XP for divine Yews is 400kxp/h. You can only stay an hour or buy RuneScape Mobile gold so, therefore virtual is the most appropriate way to describe it.