Easy Clue Scrolls - The easiest way to OSRS Gold obtain the scrolls is to pickpocket H.A.M. Members. The drops of scrolls could be somewhere around two percent, which means that for every 50 pickpockets, you should get at least one scroll.

It also indicates it is possible that Easy Clue Scrolls might be much easier to obtain than those for beginners. While pickingpocketing H.A.M. Members, you might get knocked out and kicked out of their place of work, so make sure to wear H.A.M. set (which is available through pickpocketing or purchase from Grand Exchange).

This will lessen your chances of being taken away from your farm area while you are pickingpocketing. If you don't possess a high enough level of Thieving, or don't want to do this, then you can purchase the imbued Ring of Wealth, head to the Edgeville Dungeon, and kill Thugs.

They are level 10 monsters and therefore, killing them should not be too difficult for those who are just beginning their journey. When you wear the ring, players will have a chance of 1/64 to receive a scroll drop after every killing.

Medium Clue Scrolls - Although they're named medium, they are much more difficult to acquire as opposed to Buy RS 2007 Gold beginner or easy scrolls. The most efficient method to harvest Medium Clues is to fight with Ice Warriors.