My aim is to get to 53 to be able to complete any quest that requires farming resources. I'm 31 and farming OSRS Power Leveling. I have two trees: a Falador Willow tree as well as a Catherbery Apple Tree. Do I need to replant fruit trees or trees as soon as they're fully grown?

My willow is cut into logs. Are the arms that break your knife come out? I multi-task and break my axes way too often to be able to utilize RS. Because I am able to easily access them in my farm runs and add trees to Varrock, and also a Gnome fruit tree to Gnome strengthhold, I am planning to do so. I have plots that are complete in Port Phasmatys (Catherbery), East Ardougne, Draynor, and Catherbery. I haven't begun to plant the bushes or hops until now.

I am currently in the process of becoming a f2p. Training has led me to almost 80. I stopped at age 80 in order to learn other abilities. However, I am planning to become a member in the near future and would like to get a skillcape. If I get a skill cape i dont need to cook or fletch just because it is very simple.

I would like my first 99 to be unique so I figured strength would be pretty good. What is the time frame to earn 80-99 str and which place should you train? Depends on where you train Cheap OSRS Fire Cape, whether your prepared to spend money on pots or good food during your training, etc.