Prime Gaming May 2021 brings more free goodies for Halloween Guys, Madden 21 and Madden nfl 22 coins other games.

It's May's only a few days away so that means Prime Gaming has prepped another month of free games and loot to be found in existing titles that are in your library. Prime Gaming's May offering includes exclusive loot for Madden NFL 21, Rainbow Six Siege and more, alongside five more gratis games that you can add to the Prime Gaming backlog. GTA Online players can still take advantage of $1 million worth of in-game cash throughout May, too.

The highly-rated online Battle Arena, League of Legends, continues to reveal the mystery skin shards that will be available throughout May. A fantastic online shooter Rainbow Six Siege is also receiving more Renown Boosters with a single pack available until May 20 and additional drops of the game expected soon afterward.

If your preference is stadiums over shooters,, FIFA 21 players can now receive the FIFA Ultimate Team card pack, while later in May, Madden NFL 21 players can pick up an 89-95 OVR National Past draft participant.

Crazy competitive platformer Fall Guys has more Prime Gaming loot during in May, which includes an exclusive Fitness Fiesta costume and three Crowns to spend on the game's store this could be a great option should you find it difficult to win frequently. Grab it now! Fall Guys Pack as fast as you can, though it will be gone on May 20.

If you're looking for a listing of everything that's available in May, Prime Gaming's official website includes a comprehensive list of everything that's currently available, in addition to the free games you'll be able to download onto the account of your Prime Gaming account at mmoexp mut 22 coins no charge.