If it's not a success you're either selling an item that's not in high demand or, which could mean you've picked an inferior item as well as the value you've set isn't enough. I would not recommend bringing the RuneScape Gold price down until a week or two after you've put your offer out. Remember, merching doesn't happen overnight. It takes patience.

I would recommend buying everything online g.e. If you're using raw materials like raw fish, logs and herbs. then I would sell on the street at a set price per item. If you're selling something else (basically non-skilling things) then I would say sell it on the g.e. It may take a while however this is the best option since it's much harder to find a buyer looking for ten dragon platelegs rather than running 2k natural runes.

When you're first starting your merchandising, I'd recommend at minimum 10, if not more. General advice: don't be afraid of getting into debt in the beginning. It is a reality for all of us. When I first began, I lost about 6m on one day. Be patient and you'll get to know the economy and market of running games better. I've cut back on merchandising in favour of skilling, but it's an effective, efficient method to make money.

Well, at Level 74 I have already accumulated 200 quest points, and I've been completing quests since the age of 15. I'd like to hear a suggestion for equipment and inventory (food, potions, etc.) for questing in general. Things to keep close.

Anyone who steps to the front. It is always beneficial to keep a stock of potions in various forms and material like ropes. A complete set of combat equipment of all type is also beneficial. This includes having dragon hides for bosses, which are strong in mage attack, and mage gear and runes in case you require it in your quests.

It's really a matter of individual preference. I personally used to (around your stats) just bring my rune set, a berzerker helm, along with my whip. I'd carry them for almost every quest while making sure to have the right items and some food, incase it is required. Since you are a quest cape player for the moment I'm sure you have chosen nicely in taking on quests. Not only are the rewards extremely generous, but it's also a good motivation for leveling every aspect of your stats.

I've recently begun playing Runescape following two or three years of not playing. I started up on my old level 3 skiller and believe that I'll stay with this account for a time at the very least. My query has to do the following skills. I'm aware of different ways to Cheap OSRS Gold train, and ways that I could try but I don't know what they are , or the best way to practice them.