New World has received little good news recently. Although many players will buy New World Gold in advance, because of unwelcome updates, errors and a large amount of maintenance downtime, the player base seems to have had enough of Amazon’s flagship MMO so that New World won in the player choice category of the game award The last one. Now, Amazon seems to be aware of this and has a very unorthodox way to New World Coins Buy. Fans believe developers are using bots on subreddit to spread positive comments, as several replies using the same strange language have been found.

Many positive responses on Reddit are not like actual players. Obviously, these responses are not from actual players. Reddit user LegitimateDonkey is spreading the theory that Amazon uses robots to make subreddit look less negative after many people have accused the company of writing fake reviews on Steam.

However, subreddit’s mod steam presents another possibility. They countered Amazon did this to improve the reputation of New World Coins, and they were helping it advertise for MMOs. A moderator stated they reviewed these users, but they were unlikely to be what people thought they were. They claim these bots are likely to send spam in subreddit, so they can build a false comment history. This way, they can deceive other users in the future without making their accounts look new.

Many players have replied to this kind of comment, and they don’t believe this is a scam account just trying to look more legitimate. Even if fans are wrong, it shows that Amazon will face an uphill battle when it regains their favor. Of course, this does not affect many players who buy New World Coins for better exploration in New World.