New World recently launched a new update. Although the 1.1.1 patch will not contain any new content, it will solve the problems that occurred after the major update in November. Although many players Buy New World Coins to add more fun to their games, there are still some problems in New World. The changes in this update will make some items more difficult to get, such as the original intention in the game plan, fixes to the horticulture gear changes, optimized production, and some bug fixes.

Elemental enemies will no longer provide players with as many skinning rewards as possible. Elemental particles have been obliterated. As a reward for collecting elemental creatures, other resources have been reduced slightly. But in some special cases, players can buy New World Coins to get some scarce resources. This is done because it originally designed these creatures for rare and difficult encounters, but this is not the case in the game's execution.

The changes in the November update caused the horticulture harvesting gear to be completely removed from the game as part of the New World Gold, so it has been returned and affected players will get some free harvester gear from the reward box in their inventory. Earlier this month, housing also encountered some problems, but now functions such as mobility, transactions and salvaging housing items and furniture have been reactivated.

Fixed a major bug involving jewelry making, and the amount of trade skill XP will now be granted. The developers also explained why they reduced the number of XP players earn for making items with lower trade skills after levelling up. In addition, it laid the foundation for the future server consolidation, and carried out some bug fixes and performance enhancements. If players want to improve quickly themselves in the game, then they must prepare sufficient Amazon New World Coins.