After you've gathered all of the materials, switch the location of your home to Rimmington and then either visit Phials yourself to un-note the tablets (by making them available to him and selecting the third dialog option) or email your Butler RuneScape Gold. Wintertodt encounter is a fantastic opportunity for making gold since it is actually a minigame that has quantity of dropped items linked to the number of points you earn during the boss fight. You'll require specific pieces of equipment as well as the appropriate skills in order to gain as much as possible from it.

First of all , firemaking up to 50 levels (the more the better) Additional skills are not need but the experience gained from different activities carried out during minigames (those activities are related to Herblore, Woodcutting, Fletching and Construction skills) increases with the level of said skill, so it's a great opportunity to grow in particular field of proficiency.

If your firemaking is good enough gather at least at least four items of warm clothes (ie. bunny outfit, Santa hat or rainbow scarf Fremennik gloves the fire cape, staves, a tome of fire) nourishment potion, food knife with hammer, axe and the tinderbox. If you're ready, go towards Wintertodt Camp (located in northern areas of Arceuus) in Great Kourend and help pyromancers keep out Wintertodt by lighting the braziers and ensuring there aren't any of these shaky wizards are unable to escape because of being owned by the boss.

Search for them Find them Edgeville Dungeon and Taverley Dungeon. Particularly vulnerable to Ranged weapons of Combat level 13. Chaos druids are an easy prey, be vigilant though as chaos druids spot tend to be haunted players, so make sure you have only those items that are essential to combat and bring a one-click teleporter to keep in your bag in case Cheap OSRS Power Leveling. There are no special requirements aside from membership.