The 2K22 city is more populous than ever... and that's not necessarily a great thing. It feels like this team of 2K players is working on a basketball MMO NBA MT Coins. Everyday, there are quests that can be found throughout the city, and you're requested to travel from location to the next in order to hold the purpose of a meeting.

It's a waste of time and distract from the major strength of 2K22's gameplay on the court. I really don't want to spend 45 seconds awkwardly skateboarding from my home to a store to make my appearance better. I'll do it in an online menu with just a one-button presses so that I can go back to basketball.

Furthermore, the new City erases what was one of 2K21's most significant upgrades - the elimination of load times. Even on PS5, you're going to be waiting for a long time every time you're wanting to leave your house or leave the practice area. The City is an unwieldy experience, and proof that larger doesn't necessarily mean better.

My opinion is that it's been terribly. It feels like defensive gameplay on this court is just the best it's ever been in the past. It's easier to slide across the court and stay home on your assignment this year. It's refreshing to see less dramatic contact and dunks from this season. It was exhausting watching 2k21.

Offensively, shooting can feel harder, however, it's due to the enhanced defense and not the actual mechanics of the shot meter. The passing skills are amazing in this case. Moving the ball around feels effortless Buy NBA 2K22 MT. The gameplay has really just been enjoyable during the short days that the game was out.