New World never shy away from training, especially when farming to get the highest level of better equipment. However, the recent Into the Void update of the game changed many elite enemies and elite points of interest (POIs) in New World, making the game worse. According to reports, this update makes the elite enemies in the open world of the game more powerful, so players need a large group of people to farm elite POIs effectively, where higher-level equipment is more likely to fall. So players also need to buy New World Coins to improve their strength.

Although it has become more difficult and disappointing, especially for single players, many players are even more frustrated because the official patch notes of the developer Amazon Game Studios did not mention these changes. Players must discover the changes themselves. A New World developer wrote on the game’s official forum that their goal is to allow players to go to various areas to make materials and equipment. Players can also New World Coins Buy to buy new equipment, but they hope players can accept the challenge.

The endgame of New World mainly includes farming enemies and treasure chests in elite areas in order to get better equipment. Although there are other endgame content technically, they require more effort, which causes players to focus mainly on cultivating elite areas in the open world to upgrade their equipment. Of course, players can also buy New World Gold to upgrade their equipment. Amazon seems to be dissatisfied with this, so it has changed. Some changes may be unintentional, and Amazon said it is investigating this issue.

So far, players have not left a deep impression on Amazon’s reaction, and the change in the elite zone is a hot topic on the New World subreddit. This is just the latest issue that plagues New World. Because of New World Gold and item duplication exploits, its in-game economy has been shut down many times, and the server has recently been seen to advance in time.