Spectacle frame manufacturer product production

Creating a pair of glasses frame manufacturers eyeglasses is a combination of art and product design. While there are systematic elements including conceptualizing and evaluating ideas to create a tangible product, the inspiration that goes behind it makes designing eyeglasses a work of art. If you’re interested in learning on what goes into creating the frame that you’re wearing now, read on!


Inspiration can come from anyone, anywhere and everywhere. The colors of a sunrise, an intricate fabric or complex brushstrokes of a painting can spark inspiration. Our designers are always on the hunt for new ideas and we love hearing feedback from our customers too.


Our designers start with designing by hand as it helps them connect to their work more. They start with sketching a shape, and then will scan and convert it into a digital format using a vector based drawing software.



Once a design is complete, our designers will revisit it again a few days later to make tweaks. Evaluation plays a huge role to ensure that our designs are perfect.

While our designers are creating different shapes, they also put into consideration of the theme for their collection to ensure that it is coherent. When designs are complete, our designers send their drawings and design instructions on their choice of colors and materials to our manufacturers. Our manufacturers will review and then convert their designs into technical drawings that can be made into a frame mold.


Our manufacturers will send prototypes of the designs back to our designers. These prototypes are handmade samples so our designers can review the quality, size and integrity of the design before our manufacturers start a process called tooling. Tooling is when the frame mold is made and used to product high volumes of the frames. If we’re happy with the samples, an order is placed and the glasses arrive in our warehouse a couple months later!


Once the eyeglasses frames manufacturers products arrive, we put all the frames from the collection live on the site so that you’re able to purchase! Our most recent collection is our exclusive Derek Cardigan Bamboo collection made with rich Italian acetate and natural bamboo. Stay tuned for upcoming collections!

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