Recently Amazon Games released an important update for New World, introducing new weapons and enemies and many fixes. The Void Gauntlet is the first new weapon type introduced. It aims to be a hybrid of magic damage/support, expandable intelligence and focus. Annihilation mastery tree specs become more traditional close-range damage handling, while Decay trees prefer long-range games with debuffs and healing. The developers recommend it pair well with Life Staff and other magic weapons. New enemies also appear as Varangian Knights. If players want to get these useful weapons, they can prepare enough New World Coins in advance.

Besides the new content, there are also bug fixes and overall improvements for the value of light novels. One big change is the 10% increase in speed when driving on the road, which is a pretty good choice. Players will run on the highway for a few seconds to feel the improvement, and will cancel when they draw their weapons, dodge, block, or get hit by a debuff. It has reduced the weight of repair kits from 2.0 to 0.1. Players can also buy New World Gold to buy some powerful weapons.

Made some changes to weapons and tree masteries. The reason behind each change has a good explanation in advance, such as the change in Life Staff to allocate some healing powers to the fact that light and medium equipment loads have now been transferred. Weapons like Hatchet and Spear have been adjusted to feel more workable, and some weapons, like Fire Staff have been weakened in some places, making it feel less powerful. Players can also buy Amazon New World Coins to get some powerful weapons.

PvP fans will find that they have new faction missions and provide an extra 10% luck bonus and 30% gathering bonus for anyone marked as PvP. The durability lost because of PvP death is now reduced by 10%, and other faction members should now be notified when flagged. Other changes include the housing tax is now deducted every 7 days, and it can only place items at the trading station for 14 days. Some early tasks have been adjusted, so new beginners may need to prepare some Cheap New World Coins and reacquire some tasks.