How to Pick the Perfect Laundry Basket

Low or No Handles

Handles that stick over the lip of the Plastic Wicker Laundry Basket will get in the way of the laundry insert fitting tightly. Go for handles that are cutouts in the basket sides or handles that pull away from the basket lip.

Tight Weave

The tighter and stronger the weave, the more towels your basket can take. A galvanized metal basket is going to be the strongest, while a sewn rope basket is going to flop everywhere and lose its shape. Some woven baskets come with interior reinforcements for display- keep those in!

If your laundry basket will be in your bathroom, I highly suggest getting a synthetic fiber or sealed metal weave. The constant humidity over the past year has been weakening the shape of our natural fiber basket, so into the closet it lives now.


If you’re shopping online for baskets and don’t know what size to look for, compare product dimensions with other light string with decoration.  A good starting point is 18-20″ tall for standard hampers.