For 2K Sports's efforts to give more color to the sport, I have to give an "like". The content of "Basketball City" does not meet the standards of a perfect game. It could be argued to be large and empty nba 2k22 mt coins. The position of NPCs as well as the mission routes are clearly intended for players to run around in the city and add energy to the city.

It's a loss and players usually give up due to boredom to view the design. The direction of production as well as the concept merit recognition. It is expected that future developments will improve this area, adding appeal to the "sports games" sector.

My preference is to play "My Team" because "My Career" mode comes with a lot of kryptonian gold atmosphere. "Purchasing VC Coin allows players to be more easily integrated into the game" This is why I'm not averse to "My Career".

After many years of playing, the excitement of this mode is comparable to "My Career". Alongside containing a variety of challenges, as long as you achieve some goals, you'll get high-quality buy 2k22 mt, free cards. This style is definitely the most sought-after by collectors of NBA players. A huge boon to the players.