A brand new competition containing triathlon disciplines and triathlon itself will start in 2018. FIVEMAN represents covering five proportionate distances of a given discipline or the full long distance triathlon in five different countries or places and in five consecutive days.


FIVEMAN is for anyone willing to take this challenge. It connects people who are not afraid of searching for their limitations and try to push them further. No matter whether you are a professional or an avid amateur of one of the disciplines, it is the will, desire, grit and hard work, without which no goal can be attained, that count.


The athletes themselves are the focus of the FIVEMAN series. We will watch their stories, ups and downs, as well as moments of disappointment and euphoria. From training preparation to breaking the finish tape, the competitors’ personal profiles will be available to the public in the media during the whole event. Only the most determined world athletes will play the main part on their thorny path to success, lined with tears, sweat, blood and unprecedented human effort. They are the stars. And we’ll be there to see it. 5 days, 5 countries, 5 distances = 5x5x5. This is the new world competition FIVEMAN.

Be there and see it.