Second, make sure to keep forums updated with more voices and more options. The forums should allow players to be independent of each other and provide other tools OSRS Power Leveling. This will help build networks. Let forums on RS forums to have the same flexibility and grouping options as Facebook. Jagex's secret forums are not for players and have made forums that are not flexible.

Let the players choose 12 members to a council of players that will decide on any updates. A small one, few hundred k per year or thereabouts. Make use of Facebook as well as Twitter to interact with forums.

This will stop the next few years from repeating the mistakes of 2012. Jagex didn't listen to players in 2012. Jagex has made several stupid statements about EoC as well as SoF. For instance the majority of players are fond of SoF. It's either adapt or die, which is a bit of absurdity. Talking does a better job however, the time is running out. Tick Tock Jagex.

EOC is a huge cause I am a part of. The thing about games, and all technology, is they're constantly evolving. Consider the time when Runescape was first launched 13-ish years ago Cheap RS 2007 Fire Cape. Think about how gaming technology and technology in general have developed over the past 13 years.