It's not difficult to look at it through a retail lens. There is no "chronological order" or overarching story for the expansion quests, the majority of things are isolated to their own regions. They didn't really do big stories at the time. So like, at 68 you have two options: Shadowmoon or Netherstorm However, neither of those zones have anything to do with the WOW TBC Gold either zone and are both distinct things, meaning there's no proper order for the story. In terms of raids, it's best to go through Kara > Gruul's > Magtheridon > Tempest Keep/Sepernt Temple (again it's not in an order), Hyjal, Black Temple, Sunwell. ZA is enjoyable and is available. But, as with all trolls, it's just not "in" in any place.

TBC was created originally in order to improve the Classic game. When playing a TBC server lets you access to all Classic content, but it's now obsolete. The problem is that they're treated as separate games , for the benefit of players who prefer the endgame of the vanilla version or the classic version.

Wow classic is gone. I'd suggest tbc to anyone who is looking for vanilla. Are you a brand new player? If so, I'd suggest that you try the retail option instead. It's more refined and offers many high-quality improvements.

The trash mobs that appear just prior to the bosses get the benefit of a buff which increases their damage by 10 percent. This means you can take them out until a mage spell takes away 8-10 stacks of it. Then when the mages gets max stacks you kill bosses and have your mage sit in the blue beam throughout the entire phase. Provide him with all the innervates, mana tides and healing , and as well healing the mage. These numbers fire and frost can be reached by Arcan in the 5th level.

My friend, a healer and tank and I manage heroics. We're carrying the dps for until the boss is hit (level of 68-level of 73 boss). There are dungeons for which it's likely to be an issue, but there are plenty of heroics where it's not an issue.

Yes, it did happen once. We managed to save the run. It wasn't an actual belt but it was a fantastic save. As long as you've handled the adds , and you've got good health in the shield, you're typically safe. However, if you've been negligent and let adds slide, it's tough to salvage.

If I'm in the process of forming an organization to collect an item, and have already gotten the tank/healer in place What is the reason why I should want to challenge a rival DPS? Now , the buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold item needs to be dropped and I must get a coin toss in order to receive it. DPS are a dime a dozen.