Rapiers and Life Staffs are the best builds for PvP in New World. Since the Staff of Life is the only source of healing, the value of healing cannot be underestimated. It's a ranged weapon, so it works well with a rapier. It's difficult for players to kill the wielder of the Life Staff in PvP, but the rapier ensures that players can take on anyone who happens to come into melee range.

Players can use the amber New World gem to convert some of the rapier's damage into a distracting focus for better use of the rapier and life staff combo. However, if the player prefers not to Buy New World Coins use a life stick, then the player can use a fire stick or ice gloves. The Fire Staff does massive damage, especially at higher levels, and the Ice Gloves provide strong AoE and crowd control.

Players should focus on intelligence rather than concentration as this also benefits the rapier's damage output. For this build, players should use medium armor. Players will miss out on dodging rolls, but the rapier has enough mobility to make up for it. The damage absorption of medium armor is very valuable in PvP. Fleche will help players escape when cornered, giving players extra mobility.

Evade gives the player a brief window of invulnerability, as well as super-fast light attacks. Players should use it as much as possible, not just the New World Coins ability to respond to enemies. Once fully upgraded, this skill will provide the player with stamina, movement speed, and increased damage. In addition, players can buy a lot of cheap New World Coins from NewWorldCoins to quickly improve their comprehensive strength.