Backpack Sprayer Manufacturers’s backpack sprayer provides you with the opportunity to move about more freely with your spraying and are highly versatile. Read on to find out whether a backpack sprayer is right for your spraying needs!
With their precision spray gun tips, backpack sprayers provide the ability to treat individual plants with a wide variety of chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and more. This allows for the specific treatment of individual plants without the risk of damage to neighboring plants.

The portability of a backpack sprayer also increases the versatility of your spraying tremendously. Easily navigate to terrain that may be out of reach for other sprayers that require lugging around an external battery or even ones that require being situated onto a vehicle.

Depending on the type of backpack sprayer that you use (battery-operated or lever action), spraying for an extended period of time has never been easier.

With a battery-operated sprayer, spray up to 30 gallons on a single charge with an adjustable spray gun that features a trigger lock to reduce hand fatigue on longer jobs.

With a backpack sprayer, you are able to seamlessly convert the lever from left to right hand operation should you need to reduce hand fatigue during spraying.

Designed with the homeowner and commercial user in mind,Pesticide Sprayer Company's Backpack sprayers are light as a feather and boast incredible comfort with adjustable shoulder straps.