Let's take a look at how to brew Chunmee Green Tea.


The correct way to brew black tea


Honey black tea: Put the black tea bag into two tablespoons of honey and soak for half an hour to taste, then add in the negotiable boiling water to dissolve, and add warm water to the right amount.


Lemon black tea: Pour the black tea bag into boiling water and soak it out, add an appropriate amount of lemon juice and mix thoroughly.


Flower and fruit black tea: All kinds of fruit teas sold online can be mixed with black tea bags to drink together, which can play a certain beauty effect. Such as: rose, lavender, jasmine, such a strong fragrance and red. Chrysanthemum and lemongrass are lighter with green tea, and sweet ones are added with appropriate amount of licorice.


Milk tea: soak the black tea bag in boiling water and soak it out. Add some creamer, sugar or honey and mix thoroughly. You can also add instant Nescafe coffee to make coffee black tea.


Black tea wine: After brewing the black tea bag, extract the tea soup, two-thirds of the tea soup, one-third of the base wine, and one-third of the juice. Shake well and add ice cubes.


If you like to drink Gunpowder Green Tea, why not try the above brewing methods.