If you are wondering why I take the Prayer potion it's in OSRS Gold For Sale the event I get a DH tunnel. It is recommended to always be praying when you fight DH as he could hit fairly hard. I usually have a KC of 20ish, it doesn't make it easier to get Barrow things more frequently but it aids in getting more racks, runes and so on.

It's as simple as using the ecto following you've looted the chest. recharge your prayer points at the temple altar I didn't know the name, but I'm sure you're aware of the meaning of this.

Begin by visiting Karil first. Ask for prayer of attack as well as strength prayers. Also, be sure to shield yourself from danger, and use your special attacks. Take him down with your ice-spell. Run out. Go to Ahrim. You'll still have 30 points of prayer. Switch to range gearand pray magic and eagle eye if you already have it. Escape when he's dead.

You should go on to Dharok next. At this point, you should be left with around 1-5 prayer points left. You can pray melee for his initial hit, hit him once with a blitz of ice and get away. It's normal to get five more hits.

He'll begin to move on hitting the 5th time, so you'll need to Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold be away him if you're hoping to get in 5, otherwise , hit him 4 times and hide behind his tomb. After a few minutes, move to a corner away from him and continue to hit him until that he gets close to you. repeat. You can finish him by doing this.