agricultural knapsack sprayer Have Many Features to Consider…

Tank Size: Select a tank size that is large enough for your projects, but not so large that you have extra, unnecessary weight. Large tank openings reduce spillage when adding chemicals.

Tank Materials: Tanks should be made of UV and corrosion-resistant materials for a long life.

Seals & Gaskets: There are multiple types of seals based on the chemical(s) that you will be using. These parts greatly affect the life and performance of the sprayer, not to mention the prevention of leaks.

Comfort: Components such as shoulder straps, carrying handles and frame size will affect your comfort and fatigue level when using the sprayer.

Safety Features: Look for shut-off valves, with lock-on/lock-off feature, to control spray and prevent dripping.

Nozzles: Interchangeable nozzles allow for multiple spraying tasks.
Another key consideration is the type of pressure pump assembly that will work best for your needs. Backpack sprayers are constructed with either Piston or Diaphragm pumps – each has its benefits:

There are two common types of Electrostatic Sprayer Supplier’s backpack sprayers; a piston pump and a diaphragm pump. The units look similar until you see the pump housing. The piston pump is typically housed in a tube with a piston that moves up and down to create pressure. The diaphragm is shaped more like a disc and uses a diaphragm to pump in and out to generate pressure.