My second account My second account: I am aiming for 40 attack and 60 strength, as well as 70 range and RS gold magic. This is currently the account I'm working on. My third account is all-around however, it does have combat skills that are only 30-40 for each account. But, it could be enhanced.

My fourth account is a skiller. Apart from the level 78, none of the These members are my fourth account. My question is: Which one should I keep and what can I do to enhance it?

I would like to improve my level 78, however, i don't know what I should do to earn money. I'd be happy training my pure account (the one I mentioned earlier about), but he needs to be so much better! So, what should I do? If you could have any equipment that you wanted or any other type of item that you could use in your home and performing the duties you desire to accomplish, what would they be?

All of us are aware, or at the very least think that jagex directs quest lines that lead to the Second god wars. However, no one is sure how they will get over obstacles already placed in the storyline (namely Guthix's edicts). What do you think about what they'll do? What god will initiate this? Which mahjrahart will rise to godhood What epic god wars will there be?

Unknowingly, I believe the god wars were started by bilrach. i suspect that guthix (yes guthix) is sleeping at the bottom of daemonheim. Bilrach is planning a repeat of zamorak’s rise into godhood by banishing Guthix. Without guthix and his dictates, Zaros would easily overthrow the zamoraks and saradomins (he had superiority in the second age). .

Only exception to this is if bilrach ends up in Zamoraks side. Zamorak being zaros’s first goal could mean that zaros will need to cut off his initial strike due to the first stage failing. This could result in a collapse of gielenor into god wars, and decrease Zaros's first strike. The war will be exacerbated by the arrival of several other dies. Lucien may become a leader, or not.

You can do something very unusual that attracts the attention of others. If someone doesn't react, they’re either mad or dumb. Try whacking the person with an easter carrot, or throwing snowballs at them to see if you can get a response. Add 4 to your suspicion meter in case they don't respond.
Assessing their score. It is possible to be a fake if the suspicion meter is reading zero. If the suspicion meter reads 1, They are most likely an easily-tricked human. If the suspicion meters are set at 2, it could be a bot. If their suspicion meters are at 3, they may be a bot, or they may have been publically off. Their suspicion meter reading is 4, which buy RuneScape gold indicates they are most likely an automated system, but you don’t have enough evidence to support this.