What are the payment terms and are they negotiable?
glasses frame manufacturers On average you would be asked to pay 30% deposit upfront and 70% on delivery or BOL, but be sure to get this ironed out from the start to make sure they don’t try and take advantage of you and request upfront payment.
What will the total cost of my order be?
Be sure to ask about “other” cost or “hidden fees” i.e. delivery fees, fuel surcharges, restocking charges for returns. Any indication of possible hidden costs, don’t be shy to drive this point home.
Can you provide us with a Liability certificate?
The supplier should provide written proof that they have adequate liability insurance if the product or parts thereof malfunction or break.
Will my designs or specific eyewear brand be produced only for me?
Confirm with the manufacturers that your product will only be produced for you, and if they would be willing to sign an NCND where they would agree not to sell directly to your end-users, or reproduce your product. If they confirm their willingness to sign, they are likely willing to play ball and can be considered further.
Best Eyewear Manufacturers in China
What happens if delivery is delayed or doesn’t arrive?
This needs to be clearly stipulated to avoid your shipment being put on the backburner, in the eventuality that they go to work on a larger order before yours is out of the door. If you have an agreement in place, they are more likely to keep your order moving along before focussing on other, possibly larger order.
Under what circumstances might the pricing change, and what will
the warnings be? How early would I be notified?
To avoid dealing with unexpected inflation of prices, you must agree on a set price and under which circumstances those prices could change.
Do you have volume rebate, and if we go into larger quantities what will my discounts and/or incentives be?
If your orders pick up and you’re producing more eyewear you need to know what kind of discounts you will be eligible for.
When do I take ownership of the products?
You will need time to inspect your eyewear and ensure they are in perfect condition. Look at adding a 3-5 day inspection clause to your agreements with your supplier, or speak to a quality inspection company that could answer these questions for you.
Is the manufacturer, in fact, a manufacturer?
Establish that are they an OEM/Manufacturer, and not a redistributor for other factories.
Best Eyewear Manufacturers in China
Will you be able to provide us with a copy of your business license and all certificates of conformity and quality related certification, i.e. ISO certification?
You need to know on which level of production these factories are working on before you engage in business with them. Clarify which certification will be required for the region you will be distributing/selling to beforehand.
What kind of quality control systems do you have in place?
Do they have an international quality accreditation? Obtain a copy and check with the authorization organization.
What are your manufacturing capabilities, quantities, surplus production per month/year, and can this be increased and what timeframe if required?
This is worth knowing because once your company kicks off you need to know what limitations there could be regarding production volumes, if any.
Is the manufacturer a reputable business in the industry and do
they protect clients’ intellectual property?
Check with industry bodies, their customers, and suppliers and conduct secondary research to find information on the company’s reputation. One thing you can’t hide from is a reputation, use this to your advantage
Take your time and do your research properly, use the tools you have at your disposal and get your ducks in a row and you'll be sure to find the best eyeglasses frames manufacturers in China.