Give the Innkeeper 8 glasses Asgardian Ale. The Innkeeper replies, "All right, let me fill it up." Innkeeper fills up rs07 fire cape the pumps. Innkeeper: Okay then the wall will be back here is all on the surface. To repair the walls, we'll need approximately 25 planks, and 50 nails.

The Hammer and Saw Planks and Nails are all suitable for the wall. Innkeeper - The wall is more attractive. Now I'm in need of a new apron. I'll require an apron with white stripes, molten glass, and glassblowing pipe. Bring all of that to the bank of North. Return to the Innkeeper and give your items.

This place is almost complete The only thing missing are the walls that guard Myreque's base. I'll need about 5 Planks, 25 Steel Nails as well as the remaining items. The Innkeeper will get what he requested. Innkeeper: I'm fine. Take this. The owner of the inn will offer you 500gp. Innkeeper: You may talk to the man in bank.

For the next part of your quest, go to the bank. We're glad to have you, (Playername). Your hard work has made this town more enjoyable. I am just sorry for the broken and dreary glass. You're not alone, I'm here to help you fix it. What do you need to fix it? To fix this I'll need two pieces of Molten Glass. To fix the booth around the glass I require two planks of wood as well as 25 nails.

Take your possessions to the banker. That's it. This bank is now thriving. The walls might need some repair. I can buy 8 more planks or 50 nails to make these walls appear more attractive. Bring the other things you have to the banker. This place is much better! You must make me an eclair and fire cape buy osrs light it with one candle.