The Lunar Mages attacked at the time that the Solars were beginning an ritual. The ritual would pocess the Lunar People, and control them as puppets of war. The mages ended the ritual and killed the Solar Tribe's king OSRS Accounts. The Tribesmen fled in fear and never came back until.... now....

I've shared with you everything I know, (player name). All I can tell you, is the Solars have returned and invaded Lunar Isle. It is your responsibility to infiltrate them and discover their plans. Take the Lunar Communication Orb. Lokar will give you a glowing object, and you put it inside your backpack. Speak to the orb and it will begin to shine.

Ethernal Communicator Hello (Player Name). What can you do? What are you? I am an unamed magic stone that has been put in this orb to connect with you. Magen is my name by the people who have carried me. Do you have any questions? Are you still there? I'm nowhere. But everywhere. I only exist in this orb, as a stone that has magical power. Do you have any more questions? What should I do? It is necessary to speak with the Solar Cheiftan, Savarain Solar. You will then gain his trust by whatever means necessary. To obtain Brundt his approval, as well as the Cheiftan's for travel to Solar Isle, you first must talk to him.

Hello, (Freminnik Name). How can I assist you? For travel to Solar Isle, I must get approval. What is the reason you want to go there? Radimus Erkle sent me to stop a "Great Evil". You are able to travel there, I believe. Just don't wreck my ships.Brundt offers you a seal resembling the seal of the passage Buy RS3 Gold. Talk to Lokar who is the Sailor. Happy Day Sailor.