After I perished in Torgast due to some random assassin debuff thing that I logged out for the last time. All WOW TBC Classic Gold this anger to only get 10 min of narrative. It's better for my mental health to just watch some YouTube outline or walkthrough. WoW just isn't something to get a casual such as me.

I switched to ESO. It's not ideal, but I could have as much narrative as I want within my own pace along with the dialogs are even voice listened.

If they gave us mad power in there where we mow down groups it would not be quite as bad. Instead it's mostly crap, a couple that are crap unless you get the perfect a couple of skills, and a few more thay are great. Nothing really spec altering either.

The crazy part about WoW for me is that the use of the PTR to test expansions and stains using gamers. It's basically free labour by players. But how frequently do the devs actually take the critiques given to them? I am aware that Torghast in the alpha was quite popular among pretty much ever WoW content creator I followed. Yet they rather carved out the majority of the interesting bits, forced players to undergo it for yet another currency, and then still had to return and nerf it because they'd added in random affixes that were very unpopular.

SWTOR nowadays is pretty damned good because they shifted it up and left it just performing the story missions about the planets was enough, and the stories are great, although some expansions are certainly better than others. I am quite happy to return to SWTOR for a few weeks every once in a while.

If you would like to experience a game that has a fantastic story you can casual for your hearth's content without losing the simple MMORPG mechanics (I personally think ESO lacks), I advise you try FFXIV. On top of that, unlike WoW, FFXIV keeps all dungeons and raids level synced and contains them onto a roulette, which means that you can always find players to conduct them more or less how they were at launch.

I can willy-nilly through the map and there is a quest and someone to talk to everywhere.

I know that it's a repeating quest. I know those NPCs Aren't really significant and all

But the attention to detail made me love it. I wanted to waste that time, I wanted to stand there, listening to the priest and to the NPC who was just as impatient as a player and just wanted to GO

The classes also appear to be balanced, actually. Even the paid one isn't needed to have fun, it is just different. And cheap WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold the Living Globe updates are a Whole Lot of fun