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(NEXSTAR) (NEXSTAR) version of 1990's Sega Genesis game "John Madden Football" is now available for sale at a record-breaking price, proving once more that the coaching and broadcasting legend might be the godfather of all sports video games.

At a video games auction that ran for two weeks last month, the copy of "John Madden Football" sold for $480,000. That price, vastly more than the original game's cost originally, set a world record for highest price ever spent for a video sports game, as per Heritage Auctions.

"This particular copy is especially unique because it's from the offices of the famous Madden namesake," the auction house notes. One portion from proceeds goes to Heritage Auctions to a charitable foundation created in Madden's honor.

Madden passed away in late December, at the age of 85.

For the last three decades, the John Madden Football video game franchise generated greater than $7 billion revenues according to the New York Times. It was first introduced in 1988 and later renamed to mmoexp madden 22 coins just "Madden." NFL Network even had a show devoted to the video gamecalled "Madden NFL Live." The game has been the second highest-rated sports video game ever created, trailing only the soccer-based shows FIFA.