I was bored so I re-did the pursuit because it was way to easy and the benefits were bad. I took the idea of the RS gold varrock ring, and it would be quite usefull. The requirements would have the ability to fight a lvl 40 imp king along with 20 assault.

Have you ever imagined sailing the huge seas of Gielnor, fighting enormous sea creatures and fighting for glory, treasure and standing? This is the subject for you. Runescape will be altered forever by the art of sailing: a tie-in with construction. Making your ship is the first thing to do, then you're able to paddle with your friends while fishing or make a battleship large enough to devour sea monsters and destroy your enemies. Let's begin explaining.

As soon as you put in your ship at a pier, you will put in your ship and it will be similar to entering your house except for entering a paddleboat. Once you enter a paddleboat, you do not require a certain level of sailing to control it. There will be a dock where you're. Right after that, your boat is Old school runescape gold from the port. Should you move back or on two squares by clicking the water, you won't be in the portexactly the same with if you click to the left or right.