Alternately, you can use your hitpoints cape and regen bracelet to negate damage. Desert Talisman 4 can be an alternative option, however it has certain requirements RuneScape Gold. You'll have to mine more than 200k of ore for a range of 75 to 99. Keep in mind that it'll be a long and tedious process.

Although the above methods are the most efficient in terms of their experience rates, they might be not adequate due to their click rate as well as the cost of these methods. Fortunately, there are more ways that cover other areas of mining.

If you've completed the short and very easy Rune Mysteries quest which is necessary for this method, you'll be taken to the special mine where you can dig Runestones. This is very AFK friendly because the supply of rock will never ever run out.

The new players typically use this method to get their initial gold coins while on the road to. Banking involves teleporting to the Varrock and then a run to the eastern bank . This takes time. If you don't really need this small amount of cash, it's best to drop the runes on the floor maximizing profits from experience.

This is one of the most well-known methods for learning Mining skills since it's very AFK-able while profiting while at the same time. At lower levels mining there might not look as good as mining Iron but once you unlock Prospector Outfit, the experience rate for your outfit increases by a significant amount. There's also an extra site with more ores Buy Old School RS Gold, which are unlocked with the payment of 100 gold nuggets. This is a requirement of level 72 achieve and is worth it.