The last two make no sense since Lonzo Ball is clearly a much better all-around participant than Redick or particularly Favors. It makes me wonder whether the game makers even watched Favors play NBA 2K MT, since it seems an egregious error to put him anywhere near Lonzo Ball. Nevertheless, it wasn't only his own group that acquired more love than Lonzo Ball, as there were several guys on the top-100 record who just aren't too great, or are least not that far better than Lonzo.

Eric Paschall (79) and Christian Wood (80)? Is this a joke? Can there be one team in the league who would take both of these men (or both) rather than Lonzo? Nope. Markelle Fultz had a nice bounce back year, however, he sheds fewer rebounds, assists and steals than Lonzo and can not shoot. Just how are they rated exactly the same, especially if Lonzo Ball is a much better defender? It looks like the manufacturers of NBA2K21 are Lonzo haters or just don't watch enough basketball.

All this disrespect and commerce talk will certainly inspire Lonzo Ball to return even stronger, so keep it up, haters.While PlayStation 5 enthusiasts might have to wait two weeks after the Buy 2K21 MT Next Gen officially releases for Xbox Series X and S, the upgrade should be well worth it. Using a game that's been hindered by bad loading times on current-gen, and a bigger player base on Xbox, NBA 2K21 Next Gen seems primed to be played around the highly-anticipated PS5.