Well, new instances and other stuff are essentially retail. This is basically creating an "alternate timeline" by adding items to WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold classic that aren't already available in retail. .... I understand rules changes, etc. However, adding bgs/areas etc. is a step into retail territory ....

People who claim classic+ will be too expensive are wrong. One user said it could cost hundreds of dollars or even millions. Are you kidding? They have a stable platform that is suitable for traditional. It already offers a lot of content, just because it's basic WoW. A new zone, class changes, world boss, etc. will not cost thousands of dollars. Classic wow was a huge financial success for blizzard. Look at the huge server problems that were a part of the launch and the Twitch statistics. Seasons of mastery isn't going to attract the same number of gamers to WoW. In my opinion, classic+ will. Old old school RuneScape is still getting new players, even to this day. While it's a game that's been around for a while the players do not feel that they're wasting time.

Yes, but it's certainly not hundreds of millions for classic+. It's sufficient to have tier sets that are corresponding to meta specs. Making new items available to bosses does not require a lot of work. While it is true that a new raid needs more effort but it's something I'd love to have. I'll always be doubtful about any new instances, but I'm hopeful about the new tier sets in the coming seasons.

It's important that we remember that not all the modifications are in the works and that there are likely to be only tiny changes for the first season. They're pushing the limits each season, I'm certain. Maybe this season isn't new enough for you. This is what I'm thinking and I'm hoping for more changes to ensure that the raiding scene has a less defined meta or to make the pvp system better.

Word, its sad that activision could be a goldmine, but I think they didn't profit from it due to the fact that there are two reasons.) J Allen Brack doesn't care about classic and b) their devs are ashamed that retail is more expensive than vanilla and they still push their sloppy systems, because it could mean that their jobs are not needed. c) Bobby requires yachts, so they aren't equipped with enough in terms of gms to be able to control a living world.

The majority of people want a classic plus. The majority of people believe activision dont have the personnel or the ability to put together the classic plus. Activision will not invest hundreds of millions of dollars into a classic plus. This means that anything beyond vanilla was a wasted effort. Management should not take the L and admit that cheap WOW TBC Gold they don't know how to make a good mo. They would employ Kevin Jordan should they be smart.