Knapsack Power Sprayer, orchard sprayer, fog machine and other small plant protection equipment should be cleaned immediately after spraying, especially after using highly toxic pesticides and various herbicides, the equipment barrel should be cleaned immediately, otherwise It is easy to be poisonous to crops when used next time. What I want to solve today is how to clean the orchard sprayer.

After general pesticides are used, they can be washed repeatedly with clean water and dried upside down. For highly toxic pesticides, use muddy water repeatedly to clean them after use, and dry them upside down. The cleaning methods of equipment after using herbicide pesticides can be divided into three types.

One, clean water

Commonly used herbicides in wheat fields such as Ju | Star (tribenuron-methyl), etc., after spraying, you need to wash the bucket and various parts several times with clean water immediately, then fill the sprayer with clean water and soak for 2~24 hours, and then clean it for 2~ 3 times, you can use it with confidence.

Two, muddy water cleaning

For Ke Wuxian (commonly known as Yi Sweeping), it will passivate in contact with soil and lose its herbicidal activity. You can clean the sprayer several times with muddy water immediately after spraying the herbicide, and then rinse with water.

Three, ferrous sulfate scrub

After spraying 2,4-D butyl ester, wash the instruments thoroughly with 0.5% ferrous sulfate solution.

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