As we all know, Lost Ark will be launching new classes and content in June and July. In order to prepare as much as possible for all the upcoming content, players start to farm Engraving books and skill point potions again. If players want to know how to get them, they can continue reading this Cheap Lost Ark Gold guide, or just follow MMOWTS directly.

The main way to get Engraving Books is as a quest reward. These can be story quests, side quests, roster quests, or even world quests, and players may receive a large portion when they level up their first character from level 1 to level 50.

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Also, there are two types of Bags/Chests that can hold these Engraving Books. One type allows players to choose the exact combat/class they want from Engraving, while the other is completely random. Players can tell if it's random by looking at the description of these packs/boxes.

While players can obtain Engraving books from a variety of other sources, by far the most reliable and convenient method is to farm certain quests on multiple characters, or just buy them in the marketplace. If players don't have enough Lost Ark Gold to buy Engraving books, they can start by getting a lot of Lost Ark Gold from where the product prices are the lowest.