It's for this reason that RuneScape The First 20 Years isn't just essential reading for all players of that game Cheap OSRS Gold. But it's crucial for anyone interested in what direction gaming development is taking. It's a reminder to us that we should all support the independent scene that is always fighting for attention in an enormous marketplace.

Most importantly this is a reminder to be happy with the humble start we made. The gaming industry may seem like a disgusting, gruesome place sometimes (because it is frequently) but at the core of it, there are passionate gamers with the experience they'd like to bring to us.

We all have beautiful childhood memories of running around Gielinor and Gielinor, not because a giant company offered us something and three brothers had passion as well as parents that believed in their children. It's the kind of people like them that we should be grateful to for those memories. It's not higher-ups on the other side of Amazon and Activision Blizzard.

Steamforged Games announced a partnership with designer Jagex for the purpose of bringing RuneScape to tablets later this year. The MMORPG will get not just one, but two new tabletop editions: a board game, and a tabletop role playing game. The board game will be available on Kickstarter sometime this year, while the tabletop RPG will be available in stores immediately.

Both games draw inspiration from RuneScape's fantasy realm, Gielinor. The games will feature the characters destinations, adventures, and settings they MMORPG has made famous over its lengthy time rs gold 2007. The board game will send up to five players on a mission-based journey through the world of Gielinor.