For the western version of Lost Ark, players are currently limited to 15 tiers. These are spread across five base levels, each for a different type of playstyle. Players can visit MMOWTS to learn more about the latest in Lost Ark. At the same time, MMOWTS provides players with Cheap Lost Ark Gold which is both safe and cheap to help players gain an even greater advantage.

In Lost Ark, warriors are good at melee combat and dealing damage. Warriors are a very suitable class if the player wants to get up close and personal with the team. Berserker has an impressive defense. Entering burst mode will grant them higher attack speed and movement.

Gunlancer uses guns and shields to get the best defensive stats in its class. They can deal massive damage, but they are very slow when attacking. Paladins excel at providing passive buffs to teammates and dealing moderate damage at close range, armed with holy books and one-handed swords.

Wardancer wields light gloves and stores elemental energy before unleashing devastating attacks. Scrapper wields heavy gloves and delivers sustained attacks to stagger and defeat enemies with ease. In fact, when players Buy Fast Delivery Lost Ark Gold from MMOWTS, players are setting themselves up for success. Soul Fist is perfect for those looking for a unique twist on the standard martial artist formula.

The Assassin class is the perfect choice if the player wants to deliver fast, precise strikes against hordes of enemies. Shadow Hunter transforms into demon form to unleash devastating attacks and increase health and movement speed. Plus, the Gunslinger class can deal damage from a distance. It excels at changing weapons to meet current challenges.

Sharpshooters use mechanical bows and special arrows to impart special status effects to their prey. Artillery wielding huge guns, this class does a lot of damage, but it's not the fastest. Players can choose a suitable career according to the type of game they like. If players want to improve the overall strength of their characters, they can buy cheap and safe Lost Ark Gold from Because Lost Ark Gold can strengthen the player.