The units available are used to play playing the games MyTeam mode that allows players to upgrade a player's roster as well as compete in a competitive manner NBA 2K MT. NBA 2K22 routinely releases new set of tasks and challenges every week, many of which require players to make use of various new items purchased from the series packs.

The brand new Glitched series gives a distinct approach to the most talented players of the game that makes them as versatile as they have ever been. Each player involved in the series will get a statistical boost that isn't the player's strongest point in a way that highlights the fact that they're glitched. Imagine Shaquille O'Neal was the player he is, only he is among the most precise free-throw shooters on the planet.

With such a dynamic, O'Neal would become one of the top centers of the game in NBA 2K22 and become an unstoppable force with no weakness. It's a fresh take on a series and can make the game more interesting, as players that were rarely used in the past can now become the leaders of their team.

Complete Quests: There are challenges in NBA 2K22 that let players collect more free VC. They are also subject to deadlines, so be sure to check in each day to go through the quests to finish them as quickly as you are able Buy NBA 2K22 MT. The winner of The Race of the Week will collect a whopping 1,000,000 VC.