In the southern part of the Sea of Gienah lies Lost City Island. Many of the islands in Lost Ark have a strong focus on trade skills, and players can use Lost Ark Gold to level up their items. Lost City Island is no exception, as it is a great place to improve your fishing skills. However, this island is about more than just fishing. It has seven Mokoko Seeds, and here is where players can find them.

Mokoko Seed One
The first Mokoko Seed was at the end of the island’s first strip. Players can find it on the right side of the hut they enter.

Mokoko Seeds Two And Three
The second and third Mokoko seeds are in the same area to the west of the island. It’s off the map and can be accessed after breaking an enormous wall. This place is also a secret fishing spot for Kir (an NPC on the island), and players must go there as part of the island questline.

While one of the seeds is clearly visible to their left, the central shrub completely obscured the other on the bifurcated path. If players can’t see it, but as long as they get close to it, the game will give them the option to interact with it.

Mokoko Seeds Four, Five, Six, and Seven
The last four Mokoko Seeds are all on the same off-map path, but finding them can be a little tricky. In the northeastern part of the island, there is a lever that can be pulled. When players do this, they can get a jumping point.

Mokoko Seeds Four and Five
The fourth and fifth Mokoko seeds were in fairly open areas right after they jumped. One of the seeds is through another lever that, if players pull it, will allow them to enter another jump point, back on the way back. But the last two Mokoko seeds are off the map, so don’t do that.

Mokoko Seeds Six and Seven
The sixth and seventh Mokoko seeds were found further along the off-map path. Keep going until the players reach another jump point. Once they jump on the last platform, they will find the last two seeds.

This is where players can find every Mokoko Seed in Lost Ark, for those interested, they can play the game now and buy some Lost Ark Gold at IGGM for more fun. Come!