I think they've found something in their game they could be leaning into. I'd love to see them embrace this instead of offering us all these sides-missions and sponsorships that are available in MyCareer NBA 2K Coins. What's the reason for State Farm in this game? Are I purchasing insurance? Also, what makes MyPlayer appear to be more enthusiastic about basketball than rapping?

These things work in some places -- well at least not the State Farm item. This is just weird. But rapping fashion, sneaker sponsorships, and everything else are all part of the game in a variety of spots. The game ought to be a little less focused on these things and more focused on the awesome basketball game that we're playing.

Yeah, It's true, Mike. Everything in 2K22 beyond actual game activities only distracts from what the game excels at. As someone who doesn't really enjoy playing ball inside The City at all, I'd be willing to say I wouldn't mind if they split the modes completely. That's probably not a wise business move, however that's why it's unlikely to happen.

I'd also want to see something along the similar to a MyCoach mode Buy MT 2K22. I'll take over the reigns of the high school team and climb the ladder to colleges to join the NBA In a 2K take on Football Manager.