The player's lack of choice in classes is one of New World's distinguishing features. In New World, players can choose a shaman, priest, rogue, or any other class from a classic RPG game, but these characters must have the correct attribute builds and weapon skills. Players can pursue even greater progress by purchasing New World Coins from

The customization process in New World is not just a combination of magic or power, as anyone can use any combination of weapons and elemental powers. In New World, combat-related abilities can also be combined with certain classes that specialize in creating magical or multipurpose items to provide even more customization options.

Axes, swords and rapiers are options for one-handed melee weapons, only swords can be paired with shields. As players upgrade weapons by using them more frequently, each weapon gains more abilities that fit into different categories, focusing on damage over time, defensive abilities, or special finishing moves.

In the New World, two-handed weapons are represented by warhammers, spears and battle axes. All of these weapons deal a lot of damage at close range, and the spear has some throwing abilities. Barbarian is a class that will naturally be drawn to this New World Coins category, but clerics who rely on strength or fight on the front lines might also consider it.

The Ice Staff, Ice Gloves, and Fire Staff are eternal magical weapons, so any magic-related profession places their stat points on Intelligence and Concentration. Healers will tend to focus, while DPS magic classes will require higher intelligence. If players want to become stronger in the game, they can also quickly arm themselves by purchasing cheap New World Coins directly from

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