The Knapsack Power Sprayer is easy to transport, small in size and easy to use. It can provide your hardworking staff with an effective tool. However, this tool will only be as effective as you manage it well. In order to take full advantage of the sprayer when spraying, you must properly calibrate it.

Calibration is the process of determining the spray volume of a nebulizer in a given area. In order to know how much product to add to the tank, this must be known. Doing this with the naked eye may cause you to lose at least money in the future on poorly controlled and wasted products, and in the worst case, it will damage the landscape and annoy customers.

By taking precise measurements, these risks are eliminated and the guesswork no longer requires calibration. You need to prepare the sprayer and water tank first. This is how to do it:

Before calibration

After calibrating the sprayer, you only want to add the product to the water tank; do not calibrate before checking whether the water tank is leaking.

Fill the water tank halfway with clean water (and only clean water) to test for leaks. Next, check all the components of the sprayer to make sure they are working properly and are not damaged. It takes some time to check the pump, spray wand, filter and hose.

Since the nozzle determines the spray pattern and droplet size, you must ensure that the type and size of the nozzle you want to use is correct. For example, for large-area broadcast applications, please use large-capacity fan nozzles, and for on-demand applications, please use cone-shaped nozzles.

Remove and inspect the screen behind the nozzle and clean as needed. When cleaning the screen and tips, please use a soft brush and soapy water. Do not use knives or similar tools (because they can cause damage), and do not try to blow air with your mouth to remove a clogged tip.

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