Once again, MI NBA captures the spirit of basketball, and NBA 2K22 MT also the NBA and takes it further than the professional leagues, so that far beyond the stories we weave in our progress in the sport, we will always be being immersed in the world of basketball. It is a place that is surrounded by brands, and all kinds of activities that encourage us to improvise games on fields in the city let shoes go or appreciate the content and events planned.

Logically, in addition to the narrative itself, NBA 2K22 ties everything to a well-designed progress system that introduces new events to enjoy offline and online, like themed Fridays, as well as the regularly scheduled events. In constant motion, it invites us to play with what the city and even the Cancha del Mar can offer us, we can unlock rewards and ultimately, to save game currency our character created for the event.

The other element to NBA 2K22 is once again something completely different: MyTEAM franchise mode, the extravagant staging of NBA collectibles, in which we can create our very own Dream Team and, in the process, make wildly speculative predictions with the best. Players of the past and present. Especially when this year a new type of Holographic chart was launched.

The basic idea is the same as in previous years: Start with a group of starters, build with luck and patience the best players of all time and continuously engage in predefined challenges, offline modes, and all sorts of variety game online. Recognizing each step we make making our achievements tangible rewards and encouraging us to play one more game with amazing rewards.

If you're looking for new features, the most interesting is MyTEAM: Draft that is in essence similar to FIFA's FUT Draft and Buy 2K22 MT is just as fascinating: these are qualifying events with spectacular prizes. Every time we open with a brand new Draft we'll have seven very exceptional card packs and out of them , we can pick which 13 that we enjoy or are the most intriguing for assembling the ultimate team.