Defense was also a primary concern for the next generation AI front. New defensive positioning technology on-ball helps defenders be more consistent with their positions, regardless of their location from where they're positioned NBA 2K22 MT. This, together with motion improvements, allowed us to get more precise defensive positioning. This means PS5 players will feel more defensive pressure when they play than the previous year's game.

This year's goal was to marry the Basic Size-ups and Signature Size-ups together and give each player a unique feel and rhythm when sizing up. It also gives gamers total decision-making control of how each game plays out. The speed stick we introduced on PS5 last year will be returning. Therefore, flicking the stick fast results in faster drips, while slower flicks will give you more fluid ones.

There are around 50 unique custom size-up kits and 32 different dribble patterns to select from. Make sure to give all of them a shot and find out which most suits your style of how you like to play. From the movement to the new moves and combos, they'll be similar between PS5 and PS4!

There's a sweet reward for the big players. We spent a lot of time updating the post play, with tons of new content, including the introduction of a new motion and an arsenal of back-to-basket movements Buy NBA 2K Coins. Similar to the face-up ball handling, a lot of these new moves aborts and cancels. For instance.