If you're successful in defeating the spirit, you'll receive a Golden Seed and Elden Ring Runes some loot including the Stonesword Key, Throwing Dagger with x8, as well as Smoldering butterfly 3. Continue to the top of the hill to find a massive skull as well as one more item:"The Prince of Death's Pustule. From here , you'll be able to climb an elevated platform that will bring them back in the dining hall area. With that out of the way, it is offically boss time. Teleport into this Secluded Cell Site of Grace and prepare.

Godrick the Boss with the Grafted Fight.Godrick the Grafted is the very first of the main bosses that you'll meet within the Elden Ring. He's distinct by his twisted body which is composed of his servants' limbs that he has grafted onto his own body. Like The Grafted Scion, many of Godrick's attacks can be multi-part and multi-hit. He also has random movements that can catch you off on your guard. At half health he will put a dragon's head on his arm . This allows him to use various new attacks. He also modifies other ones with fire damage so be cautious if your shield doesn't have high fire resistance.

Fortunately, in both forms Godrick's attacks are highly telegraphed, very punishable, and he is generally slow , leading to a fairly simple fight once you've memorized the patterns. Also, you can summon Nepheli from the boss's door in case you need a little extra help (or for a distraction). Below is our general guide for bosses for besting Godrick:

In general you can stick fairly close to Godrick in the event that you are a melee attacker. His axe-swings be the best hitboxes at the end. If you simply dodge roll toward Godrick it is likely that you stay clear of them and land in a great position to be able to take down. Make sure to remember that the majority of them are combo attacks, so be aware of your stamina and cheap elden ring weapons be patient for the final attack if you intend to guard counter. If you're not sure, it is better to stay out of range and watch for one of his slow overhead slams, which are simple to take down.